How to make a hi-res scan of a film

To scan a film you need, simply, a film scanner. There are many possibilities:

  1. You, or a friend, have a film scanner

    Put the film in the appropriate slot and choose the maximun resolution. It will be long and you'll probably end up with a 20mb file. Don't worry - yet.

  2. You have a normal scanner with a film add-on

    Procede as above, knowing that the quality will be somewhat inferior. Don't you really know anyone with a film scanner?

  3. Go to a photographer shop

    Most photo studios now offer the possibility to put your films on CD: if you know one that does, that's the one you need. You give them the film and, by spending a price which usually goes around .50-1$ per image, they'll put your images on CD, usually in JPG format. Ask specifically for a scan of at least 2440*3600 pixels or they'll probably make a copy big enough for a small print.

  4. The photo studio asks you 7$ per photo

    Tell him to stick it up his ass and go find a serious shop.

How to send a big file to the Commitee

you know have your pic, ready to be sent. It might be a 600kb JPEG or a 60mb TIFF. How do we send this humongous files? you have three possibilities:

  1. Send them via IRC/AIM/MSN/Yahoo to Atrus (e-mail the commitee to know his screen names)

  2. Burning a CD and sending it via snail mail (e-mail for the address)

  3. Email the file to foto2005 {at} auroraproject.net

You choose email? Wait! 60mb are a LOT! The committee's email box is big, but it still can't receive more than 10mb at a time.
So how do we lighten the load? We split the files!

WinZip, Power Archiver, RAR and similar programs can compress a file and, at the same time, split it in many smaller files of a fixed size. This function is usually under Tools -> Write multi-volume zip (or archive); you will be asked for the archive to split and the destination files.
You'll end up having lots of files called photo1.zip, photo1.001, hpoto1.002 ecc. All you have to do now is mail them one by one to the commitee.